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Is “My Doctor” In-Network?

Last week’s post, “Is My Hospital In-Network?”, relieved some anxiety and misunderstandings about local hospital network status with health insurers. Now, you can take some comfort knowing: In a true Emergency, health care rights and services rules, not insurance companies (IN or OUT of network) will assure your are [...]

Denny WeinbergDenny Weinberg

How does the insurance industry win with Hixme’s model? A new study by Axene Health Partners confirms: healthier population, lower rates

Empowering workers with greater freedom of choice is proving to be good for workers and employers – but how does it affect the insurance industry? In this current climate of alternate facts, real data shows that employers who populate their ‘group plans’ in part with direct-to-consumer health policies can actually improve the health [...]

Amir PirniaAmir Pirnia