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Rice Univ Study—Health Care Coverage & Consumerism: A Good Combination for Hixme

Denny WeinbergDenny Weinberg

According to this 2018 study by Rice University, Hixme’s Large Employer Benefit Model is right in line with other emerging consumer trends.

In particular, consumer empowerment dynamics in healthcare turn out to be far more effective in controlling costs than traditional Managed Care models that simply imposed care / coverage restrictions. When it comes to personally selecting care options and care coverage, workers and their dependents want private, independent transparency, choice and options.

Here is the intro to the brief:

Rising costs and changing attitudes about convenience and personalization are driving a trend toward greater consumer purchasing engagement and individual accountability even for health care services and coverage. This, according to a new issue brief by experts at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy.

“Making ‘Cents’ for the Patient: Improving Health Care Through Consumerism” was co-authored by Vivian Ho, the James A. Baker III Institute Chair in Health Economics and director of the institute’s Center for Health and Biosciences, and Anaeze Offodile, a physician at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The issue brief explores the impetus for:

These great quotes are proof points for Hixme as an answer to the crisis and show a necessary recalibration is already underway

“More care is not always better care, a higher price does not always signify higher quality, and physician-patient interactions should always be centered on the needs of the patient.”

That “air of permanence” is the thermal Hixme is counting on!

Hixme’s Large Employer Benefit Model is right in line with other emerging consumer trends. 

Hixme is betting that it’s full wraparound
Hixme Health Bundles™ triggered by workers and their dependents, are a big leap in additional protection, beyond just Health Savings Accounts alone. 

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ABOUT THE HIXME THINK BLOG: Authored by one of the gurus of health insurance, Denny Weinberg, postings reflect market trends and the powerful emerging movements toward true portability and personal ownership by workers and their families. Postings follow these emerging trends, driven by consumer ownership of retirement benefits, consolidations by health care institutions, and the stated pro-consumerism goals and actions of the administration, federal agencies and Congress.

Denny Weinberg is a 35 year veteran executive in healthcare financing and operations. Prior to his 4 years as investor and CEO with Hixme, his broad background includes a 20 year tenure CEO of a number of Anthem's largest operating companies. Denny has managed a portfolio of early stage companies in the Health/Medical arena as well as other industries. He has also served as board member, advisor and consultant to both private equity-backed, and publicly traded Blue Chip companies.

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