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Free Health Care Benefits for Men, Women and Children

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Annual Wellness coverage means MORE THAN YOU THINK

New year – new coverage! Don’t forget — every year, every Hixme Health Bundle includes FREE wellness and other services WITH NO DEDUCTIBLE OR COPAYMENT for you and each of your covered dependents to help keep you healthy! This includes HSA plans as well.

These preventive care services include:

Make your annual preventive checkup appointment

And let the doctor’s office know that this is your FREE preventive checkup to avoid being charged.

Be prepared with questions

Always carry your insurance card 

Your health plan is not just for when you or your family members are sick. It’s also important to understand and use the preventive care that is available to you when you are well. These preventive checkups, like annual physicals and immunization vaccines, are available at no added cost to you and, more importantly, can help you stay healthy.

Health plans that are part of Hixme Health Bundles offer many preventive services without charging you a copayment or coinsurance when you visit a doctor in your network. This is true even if you haven’t met your yearly deductible. Your core health plan can confirm if the preventive services below for adults, women and children are available to you – or the Hixme Contact Center.

Preventive care for men and women

Services for pregnant women or women who may become pregnant

Get more information about services for pregnant women from HealthFinder.gov

Other covered preventive services for women

Preventive care for children

More information about preventive services for children

More on prevention

Learn more about preventive care from the CDC.

About Hixme

Founded in 2013, Hixme is capitalized through $26 million dollars of investment funding from Kleiner PerkinsPropel VenturesRosemark Capital and Transamerica Ventures. Hixme is leading a new revolution to replace an obsolete group insurance model using innovative technology to usher in a new era of worker-owned health benefits for large organizations. Hixme creates quality benefit programs that enrich the lives of workers and their families by ‘bringing back the benefit’ lost in the costly and complex traditional employer-by-employer based model. Hixme’s intuitive WorkPlace Market™ platform gives workers and their families the freedom to choose and personally own benefits they uniquely value. Hixme’s large company clients leave the expensive annual benefits treadmill behind, reduce administrative complexity and costs, and focus on what matters most: building value in their own products and services.

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Tammy is the Vice President of Client Services for Hixme. She assists employers with strategic employee benefit goals using a migration plan. Prior, she was Principal & the West Market Exchange Sales Leader for Mercer’s private exchange solution. She has more than 20 years of benefits consulting experience with mid to large employers. She has consulted on strategic planning, financial analysis, utilization & self-funded plan management as well as short & long term Affordable Care Act strategies.

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