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CalBroker Magazine Features Denny Weinberg on Large Group Marketplace: Insurance Dilemma Sparks Creative Solutions

Linda Hubbard LalandeLinda Hubbard Lalande

California Broker Magazine featured a comprehensive Q&A interview with Hixme CEO Denny Weinberg on the state of Large Employer Health Benefits in their March 2018 print issue. (Article starts on page 22.)

“Southern California-based Hixme aims to be a large group insurance disrupter. But CEO Denny Weinberg says brokers will be critical to this transformation and modernization of the industry. Here Weinberg shares more insight about what he believes is wrong with the current large group scene and how he sees a brighter future.”


Link to the full March 2018 issue of California Broker Magazine  Article  starts on page 22.

About Hixme

Founded in 2013, Hixme is capitalized through $26 million dollars of investment funding from Kleiner PerkinsPropel VenturesRosemark Capital and Transamerica Ventures. Hixme is leading a new revolution to replace an obsolete group insurance model using innovative technology to usher in a new era of worker-owned health benefits for large organizations. Hixme creates quality benefit programs that enrich the lives of workers and their families by ‘bringing back the benefit’ lost in the costly and complex traditional employer-by-employer based model. Hixme’s intuitive WorkPlace Market™ platform gives workers and their families the freedom to choose and personally own benefits they uniquely value. Hixme’s large company clients leave the expensive annual benefits treadmill behind, reduce administrative complexity and costs, and focus on what matters most: building value in their own products and services.

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Hixme Media contact: Linda Hubbard Lalande, 818-730-2943

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