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Accomplished Global Sales Leader Peter Wells joins Hixme as National Sales Vice President

Linda Hubbard LalandeLinda Hubbard Lalande

Appointment solidifies Hixme’s nationwide expansion

Hixme’s new National Sales Vice President Peter Wells



Hixme, a high-tech innovator in the delivery of group health benefits, today announced it has attracted a 20+ year veteran sales executive, Peter Wells, to lead its geographic expansion. The National Sales VP appointment was made by Hixme CEO Denny Weinberg after a careful selection process. “Wells’ proven track record in transitioning startups into viable market leaders is reflected in every venture he’s been involved with,” says Weinberg, “including triple digit start up growth rates and several Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s).”

Wells’ experience in many sectors, from technology, pharma, media, retail and communications will help Hixme accelerate its first-of-a-kind product to a broader national market. “As a veteran of early stage, fast growth and mature companies, I see opportunity in Hixme’s radical approach of combining insurance tech, fintech and simulation analytics to deliver worker benefits that save money and better fit individual health care needs,” says Wells.

Weinberg notes, “Peter’s enthusiasm and experience with different industries and markets in the U.S. and internationally makes him an exciting addition in a demanding time for our industry. The days of one-size fits all benefit programs for larger employers and their workers are over. With his enterprise leadership experience and accomplishments, Peter will help us monetize our unique solution as we move forward.”

Why Hixme? “Hixme is the only company on the market offering larger employers real relief from unrelenting cost pressures and growing worker dissatisfaction with their health care benefits,” Wells says. “Selling in this volatile environment requires a brilliant team with a product that offers real solutions for customers. I’m passionate about creating effective sales strategies, working with smart people and motivating Hixme’s team to take action and win in this rapidly expanding market. We are ready to answer tough questions with straight answers about how Hixme can save clients money and increase their worker’s happiness with their health coverage.”

Wells prior positions include: SVP Sales at Cloud4Wi; SVP Global Sales at Certona; SVP Sales and Service, Eightfold Logic and SVP Sales and Marketing, TouchCommerce. He will lead the sales team from his primary location in Hixme’s Agoura headquarters.

To find out more about Hixme’s revolutionary offering, you can reach Peter at Hixme Sales 1-855-HIXME-4U (1-855-449-6348).

About Hixme
Founded in 2013, Hixme is capitalized through $26.6 million of investment funding from Kleiner Perkins, Propel Venture PartnersRosemark Capital and Transamerica Ventures. Hixme is leading a new revolution to replace an obsolete group insurance model using innovative technology to usher in a new era of worker-owned health benefits for large organizations. Hixme creates quality benefit programs that enrich the lives of workers and their families by ‘bringing back the benefit’ lost in the costly and complex traditional employer-by-employer based model. Hixme’s intuitive WorkPlace Market platform gives workers and their families the freedom to choose and personally own benefits they uniquely value. Hixme’s large company clients leave the expensive annual benefits treadmill behind, reduce administrative complexity and costs, and focus on what matters most: building value in their own products and services.

For more information about Hixme, visit hixme.com. To see more from the company, check out their social channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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